Our Competences

Our foundation is based on discipline, quality and constant evolution.

We have lived the last 25 years of the computational evolution and we understand its fundamentals which makes us able to follow innovations and deliver value in technology and software.

Computing in the last 25 yearsWhat our founders have experienced

Our Founders:

Rodrigo Leite Martins

João Corrêa da Costa Junior

Our CredentialsClients, Projects and References

Our software is tailor-made for our customers and partners, so many of them are not disclosed by contractual terms of confidentiality. If you would like more information than we have already developed, please contact us.

EY, Deloitte, Vivo/Telefonica, Cielo, Elo, Stelo, Rede, Pax, SPTrans, SKY, NEC, Banco Pan, Citibank, B3, Walmart, Porto Seguro, Coopercredi ACSC,  CooperNitro and more…