Apps DevelopmentWe are a team with advanced know-how that develops all kinds of native and hybrid applications, conceptualizing each project with the best experience for the user, the best technological application and the best quality and agility in the development.

The right choiceRelevant key indicators to consider in your analysis

80 %

Public accessing digital media by mobile

70 %

They prefer to access an App than a website to institutional information

* Source: All information, statistics and statements are based on reports, opinions and studies of the Beeders team that has more than 20 years of experience with the Internet. If you want more details please contact us.

Access to the palm of the handsToday the computer is no longer on the desk, but on the hands, on the cell phone.

  • Having a unique application of your company demonstrates that your company is innovating and participating in the digital transformation.
  • Keeping the application up-to-date makes your customers and partners always return to consume more of your company's products and services.
  • Nowadays it is possible to create and maintain applications at competitive costs.
  • It is extremely important to create your company's application with high visual quality and the most advanced technical and performance features.

App Banking, Fintechs and Financial Services

With experience since 1998 with Internet Banking projects, Beeders combines the best in technology, security and UX for your Banking, Fintech or Financial Services application.

Native, Hybrid, Custom, Fast and Secure App

Our team of developers are beasts in low-level code, strong in architecture for iOS and Android and can develop any native or hybrid App project.

Sales, Delivery, Customer Service

Your application for sales, delivery and customer service in the palm of your customers’ hands.

Create your catalog of products and services, define your prices, conditions and forms of service, receive direct payment by mobile phone and more.

Transport and Logistics

It allows the realization of new business models with the consumer or between companies.

With the ease and computational power of smartphones, your business can exploit the technology of instant communication, geo-localization, routing, sharing, payment medium, origin-destination-drive assurance and more.

Live streams to videos on demand

On-demand video creation (VOD) and live broadcast distribution for multiple applications and screens.

It allows you to create Apps for real-time audience interaction, such as entertainment to medical appointments.

Using the best protocols such as Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) combined with our cloud partners, Beeders is able to produce its latest technology.

Ideal for businesses that need interaction with the public like television programs, shows, influencers and youtubers and also for medical area and personal care.

Management Systems, ERPs, Operation and Administration

Systems can now be totally performative in mobile applications. We are in the era of computing power in unprecedented handsets and mobile devices.

Have a personalized management, administration and operation of your business integrating functionalities, systems, devices and all available computer network.

Specify and develop your complete end-to-end application with Beeders.


We can help your company stay present within reach of potential customers and prospects. Contact us and know our solution for creating and maintaining applications for your company at the best cost vs benefit of the market.

Contact us and be surprised with our cases

In addition to native institutional applications, we have a varied portfolio of other types of technology solutions.

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