Software Factory, Innovation and TechnologyYou have already encountered the following statement ``All new businesses will need Software``. It is not an apocalyptic theory, it is an increasingly present reality in several sectors. After the industrial revolution we have now seen the era in which everything that is invented, transformed, optimized must be through Software. Your company is defining new processes, optimizations, innovations precisely so as not to be left behind disruptive initiatives that arise with Startups and its light, agile and profitable structures. But in this context, several development talents are migrating to these structures and with no pretension to return.

PortfolioWhat we offer in our software development portfolio:

Native Apps

Google Android e Apple iPhone


Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Tokens, Artificial Intelligence (Bots, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Chatbot, RPA…), Rich Communication Services – RCS Business Messaging, Gamification, Automation, Cloud Computing, IaaS or Serverless (AWS, Google, Azure…) and more…

Embedded and IoT

Raspberry, Odroid or any other hardware or device

Custom Languages

Assembly, C/C ++, Java, DotNet, SQL, MySql, NoSQL (MongoDB and  another), Decision DB, NodeJs, Angular, HTML5, Ionic, React, Real-Time Servers, Asset Server etc.

Legacy Systems to Cloud

Docker e Containers

System Integrations

Integration of Legacy Systems, ERPs, Systemic Processes, Automations, Data Transformation etc … We work with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM in any format of API, file, database and programming language.


We can help your company stay present within reach of potential customers and prospects. Contact us and know our solution for creating and maintaining applications for your company at the best cost vs benefit of the market.

What do you do to delivery your developments if there no talent and competence software available?

This is where the innovative Beeders structure comes in. In addition to being an optimized structure that combines the best of experience in great processes and business, we are also challenged to keep our culture alive, the culture of always practicing the best of methods, processes and technology available.

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