We are makers of ideas and desires.Innovation, Technology and Software Factory.

Native Apps

We are a team with an advanced know-how that develops all kinds of native applications, conceptualizing each project with the best user experience, with the best technological application, to the best strategic management planning.

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Embedded and IoT

Raspberry, Odroid or any other hardware or device.

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Custom Softwares

Assembly, C/C ++, Java, DotNet, SQL, MySql, NoSQL (MongoDB and another), Decision DB, NodeJs, Angular, HTML5, Ionic, Real-Time Servers, Asset Server etc.

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Application Migration

Technology and software development evolves every year, major transformations happen precisely because of the competitive need to launch and maintain applications with less and less effort, with more quality and at lower costs. Automation, reuse and modularization techniques need to be urgently applied in development structures and factories.

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Custom Software Factory

With Beeders your company can outsource the software development. Our projects are closed-scoped so that customer and Beeders know exactly what needs to be delivered.

Our software development process is innovative. Contact us and learn more about.

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