Digital Asset Tokenization


The Tokenization Platform

Web dApp UX

Admin Panel

Creating and Issuing Tokens

Token Offer as a STO* (Security Token Offering)

Purchase of Tokens through BTC, ETH and Paypal




Standards Supported

Blockchain based platform

Standard protocol: Ethereum Smart Contracts – ERC20 | ERC1400 and others

Supports other protocols (customized adaptation): Hyperledger, Quorum, R3 Corda and others


Supports necessary adjustments to the regulations

*STO (Security Tokens Offering) tokens sold represent ownership in a real asset.

*The business meets the regulatory criteria. It’s should be the responsibility of the customer.


  • dApp
    • Your logo, name and colors of your tokenization project will be customized.
  • App Operations
    • Wallets Management.
    • Credit charge by Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Payment Gateway (Paypal).
    • Buy, Sale and Transfer of Tokens.
    • Transaction History.
  • Admin Panel
    • Users Management.
    • Token issue (1 token per account).
    • Rate and spread management.
  • Security
    • Secure passwords.
    • KYC (Know Your Customer).
    • Email confirmation.
    • Multiple Authentication Factor (2FA).
    • Management of Cold and Hot Wallets.

* To publish the App, the customer must have or complete their registration in Google Play and Apple Store, these approval and publication deadlines are unpredictable.


  • I18n (internationalization) and L10n (location)
    • Multi-currency.
  • Updates
    • Critical updates, revisions, bug fixes and security fixes.

Our own code, quality and safety

  • Transfer speed (Throughput)
    • +1.000 TPS (see our scalability).
    • Easy to scale with more infrastructure.
  • Security
    • Online (Hot Wallets) on key custody servers and OFFLINE (Cold Wallets) on segregated and protected networks.
  • Cloud
    • AWS, Google, Azure or another top level cloud services.
  • Languages and Databases
    • C/C++, NodeJS, REST/API, Javascript, PugJS, HTML5, MongoDB, MS SQL and others.

Beeders Security System

  • SSM – Software Security Module (HSM like).
  • IDS – Intrusion Detection System multi-layer.
  • KEYS – Management of public and private keys.
  • LOCKS – Automatic locking system.
  • LIMITS – Limit locking system.
  • CERTS – Digital certificate service between nodes.

Level 3 platform technical support

Support level 3 is understood as the performance of Beeders in technical corrections in software due to unforeseen new scenarios up to which software as a service is available, which includes the following scope:

A. Technical support to answer questions about the operation of the software.

B. Platform code adjustments and corrections.

Severity level versus maximum return time with diagnosis and resolution

  • High severity: SLA until 24 working hours.
  • Medium severity: SLA until 56 working hours.
  • Low severity: SLA until 80 working hours

Support tickets opening flow:

Tickets must be opened by the client through the email and WhatsApp service channels provided exclusively after purchasing the platform.

Level 3 Support Conditions:

1) The support will always be carried out remotely, through the Internet, on the platform as a service.

2) No physical assistance will be provided to the client, in their technical or operational environment.

3) During the service period, the platform may not be available to users.

4) It is the obligation of the client who rents the platform to inform its users about the unavailability of the platform.

5) In no case will Beeders be penalized for financial or operational losses due to the unavailability of the platform for the client and its users.

Terms of use, rules and general conditions to contract this software as a service

  • Liability limits
    • Software-as-a-service platform offerings do not characterize Beeders as an operator or partner in their clients’ businesses, limiting our responsibility to provide technical services and keep the platform active.
  • Customer and user registration data
    • KYC (Know Your Customer) – Comply with the request and complete the data storage rules for platform users.
  • Regulations
    • Beeders will comply with all the regulations and criteria established by the competent organizations, in the region and the country where the platform operates.
  • Business not allowed
    • Fraudulent schemes that characterize crime, such as: financial pyramids, money laundering, financing of drug and arms trafficking.
    • In accordance with Beeders’ compliance policy, we constantly send all business information that uses our software platforms as a service to the competent regulators.


1 – In any evidence of non-compliance with the rules described above, the service will be immediately canceled.

2 – The conditions and rules established in this document may change without prior notice.

Our Tokenization Platform Process

Platform Setup Steps

1) Process Jorney Map
2) Platform Setup
3) Tokenization, Tokenomics and Security Offering Inputs
4) Token Initial Offering
5) Secondary Trading
6) Settlement

Assets Supported

– Equity
– Litigation
– Real Estate
– Commodities
– Investment Funds
– Sports and Fans Tokens
– Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) e.g. Arts
and other asset classes…

Tokenization for Business

Businesses Models

*) I am a Legal Office and I intend to offer tokenization to protect my clients’ assets.

*) I am an Asset Investor and I will digitize them into tokens to improve the offer to the market.

*) I am an Entrepreneur and I see great opportunities in the asset tokenization market.

Other market informations:
Fan Tokenization

Use Cases

Real Estate and Properties: fraction of ownership in units of the issued token.

Securities and contracts: Quantify and match the issuance of tokens that support your value in securities and contracts.

Projects, new businesses, arts, etc..: quantify and make tangible the investment in the project through the issuance and offer of tokens.

Companies: partial or total fraction of shares in tokens.

How does it work in practice?

1) A digital copy of the asset is created.

2) The digital copy is divided into several small pieces (or tokens).

3) These tokens are sold to investors.

4) A liquidity market for this asset is created using the Blockchain network.

5) Manage and combine the value of the physical asset with your digital copy.

How to start?

*) Subscribe and rent our platform

*) Issue the tokens according to your asset

*) Regularize your offer

*) Offer to your investors

*) Keep your token management on our platform

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