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Real Estate Tokenization

The real estate tokenization system facilitates the conversion of real estate value into digital tokens that are stored on a blockchain, allowing for seamless ownership and transfer of these tokens. Each of these tokens is divisible and represents a fractional share of ownership in the underlying real estate asset. The generated real estate token represents:

Ownership of part (or entire) of a real property

An equity interest in an entity that controls real property 

An interest in a debt secured by real property, or a right to share in the profits generated by real property

Beeders White Label Tokenization SaaS

Real Estate Platform
  • System Architecture: The structure for all system components, their integrations and ownership.
  • The Platform: Property Map montage, Security Token generation, Primary Distribution phase, Secondary Trading phase
  • Decentralized connection: Blockchain Wallet, Value in USD using Stable Coin for selected chain (eg. USDT)
  • User-end Maps and Properties view
  • User-end Primary Distribution buy
  • User-end Secondary Trading Order Book
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Agnostic and Innovative Tokenization

The real estate map defined by the system administrator is an area with permanent structures, like a land, a home, or improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made.


Transforming Real Estate with Security Tokens

Each property item will have an associated Security Token (STO – Offering backed by assets which may include securities equity, bond, etc. or real assets) generated from a platform token factory.

Each token will have its own configured initial valuation filled by administrator that could be one of the following options:

Net Asset Value (NAV): The asset-based valuation approach takes into account the property net asset value (NAV), or the fair market value of its total assets minus its total liabilities, to determine what it would cost to recreate the business.

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF): The profitability, or even the mere viability, of an endeavour by examining its projected future income or projected cash flow from the venture, and then discounting that cash flow to arrive at an estimated current value of the asset. This estimated current value is commonly referred to as net present value, or NPV.

Dividend Discount Model (DDM): Price of the asset based on the theory that its present-day price is worth the sum of all of its future dividend payments when discounted back to their present value.

Fixed Value: A predetermined value according to the token issuer.


Efficient Token Distribution Management System

Each token distribution will be managed by the system administrator to be done in sequential steps:

Primary Distribution: The Primary Distribution phase allows investors to purchase tokens directly from the system at the initial price. The administrator has the authority to send the minted amount, which represents the initial supply of tokens, to any designated wallet address. This distribution period will remain open until the specified end-date or until all tokens have been sold, whichever comes first.


Secondary Trading: This phase will be opened after Primary Distribution closes which allows any blockchain user (wallet address) to buy or sell from the Order Book platform.


Tokenize with Beeders 

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