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Tokenization Platform

Beeders Tokenization Platform SaaS

Discover the Beeders Tokenization Platform: A comprehensive solution designed for the token management and distribution within the blockchain ecosystem. Enjoy key features like:

– Token Builder & Publisher Tool: Create and publish tokens seamlessly across blockchain networks.

– Digital Representation of Assets: Securely digitize real-world assets with efficient data storage.

– Multi-Blockchain Support: Compatible with EVM-like blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

– Comprehensive Distribution & Management: Facilitate primary distribution and manage secondary market activities efficiently.

– User & Token Lifecycle Management: From token creation to transaction, ensure a smooth process.

– Dedicated Token Webpage: Each token gets its own webpage for easy access and negotiation.

Ideal for launching your tokenization business, this platform is equipped to meet modern demands in the blockchain environment.

Social Chat AI Platform

Revolutionize your business, processes, customer service, and sales with Beeders’ Social Chat AI Platform. This platform not only specializes AI assistants to your specific business needs but also provides full access to data and control over user permissions and access levels. Experience the benefits of:

– Custom Artificial Intelligence Assistants: Tailor AI assistants to understand and meet your unique business requirements.

– Full Data Control: Gain complete oversight and management of your data, ensuring security and privacy.

– Access Management: Decide who can access what information, maintaining strict control over your business data.

Ideal for businesses aiming to enhance customer interaction and streamline processes, Beeders’ Social Chat AI Platform sets a new standard in business efficiency and customer engagement.

Onchain Data Vault

beeders onchain data vault

Enhance your business’s transactional integrity with the Onchain Data Vault, suitable for various industries seeking digital notarization akin to a digital registry. This platform guarantees authenticity, traceability, and trust among parties, functioning as an immutable ledger on the blockchain. Enjoy the benefits of:

Immutable Record-Keeping: Ensures data integrity and permanence.

Enhanced Security: Data is protected with blockchain’s robust security.

Traceability & Transparency: Offers clear audit trails and transaction histories.

Ideal for businesses aiming to secure their digital interactions and transactions, the Onchain Data Vault represents a new standard in data preservation and trust.

Gamified Token Offering

Gamified Token Offering

Step into the future of digital asset acquisition with our Gamified Token Offering. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to an intuitive, engaging entry point for everyone. Our Play-to-Earn platform is changing the game, making the digital realm easy and rewarding. Get ready for the launch and join us in this transformative journey. The future is here, and it’s user-friendly.

DeFi Web3 Tools


Unlock a wealth of token possibilities with our encompassing solution: Easy DEX/Swaps, rewarding Liquidity and Staking Pools, thrilling Token Sports Booking, and NFT Metaverse GameFi adventures. Engage in community marketing, enjoy mini-games, explore token bidding, instant buying, and more with Beeders DeFi & Token Ecosystem.

Metaverse & NFT Game Play to Earn

play to earn grapenopoly

Step into Grapenopoly: A Metaverse Adventure! Experience a unique blend of classic Monopoly and the innovative Metaverse, while unlocking the potential to earn through playful NFT rewards. Your journey through digital real-estate and strategic gameplay awaits, filled with surprises and exclusive digital collectibles.

Sports Booking

Crypto Sports Betting Football

Embark on a Thrilling Sports Booking Odyssey with Tokens! Transform your bets into exhilarating wins and memorable moments, crafting a victorious journey for all participants. Every wager brings you closer to the pinnacle of sports engagement, merging the thrill of competition with the excitement of digital money gains.

Decentralized Web3 Wallet

Decentralized Web3 Wallet

Navigate Your Digital Assets with Precision and Security Using Our Decentralized Web3 Wallet: A formidable guardian and manager of your digital wealth, our wallet is meticulously designed to offer an all-encompassing, user-friendly interface for digital assets, tokens, NFTs, and more. Engineered with decentralized principles at its core, it ensures that your digital assets are not only safeguarded but are also accessible and manageable in a manner that is both effortless and secure, promising you seamless interactions in the expansive Web3 space.

Deflationary Protocol

deflationary token

Unlock Sustainable Token Value Growth with Our Deflationary Protocol: Harness the power of strategic token deflation, employing a meticulously crafted protocol designed to not only stabilize but also incrementally enhance token value over time. By implementing a robust and thoughtful deflationary mechanism, we facilitate a progressive token economy, safeguarding your assets against excessive inflation and ensuring a steady, upward trajectory in value, supporting both immediate and long-term financial strategies in the expansive decentralized finance landscape.

NFT Buying and Selling Marketplace


Step into a Vibrant NFT Marketplace, Where Auctions Meet Excitement! Discover unique digital treasures, engage in electrifying auction battles, and unlock gamified prizes. A space where your bids not only secure exclusive digital assets but also immerse you in a rewarding, playful experience, blending investment and fun in a revolutionary way.

Community Tasks to Earn

beeders metaverse platforms

Enhance, Engage, and Earn in Our Vibrant Community: Your active participation not only shapes our thriving ecosystem but also brings you tangible profits. Contribute to tasks, foster collective growth, and watch your efforts turn into financial rewards, creating a circle of perpetual benefit and communal development.

Mini-games for Loyalty, Affiliate, or Reward Systems

gamified prizes

Unlock a World of Engaging Rewards: Intensify your user experience and enter a dynamic space where your token utilization unfurls a realm of rewarding minigames. Not only do you access vibrant, interactive fun, but each game also becomes a path to added benefits, crafting a seamless blend of enjoyment and value creation in your token journey. Dive in, and let every token unlock a new adventure!

Blockchain Product Leaders

Staking Protocol

xoom home

Breaking New Ground with Our Innovative Staking Protocol Launch: We’re once again redefining the DeFi space, introducing our groundbreaking staking protocol designed to offer you a blend of security and profitability in your digital assets investments. Stay ahead, maximize your asset productivity, and explore a world where your tokens do more than just transact – they work for you, providing steady yields and fortifying your financial strategy in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Decentralized Exchange

beeders decentralized exchange

Experience Zero-Custody Risk with Our Decentralized Exchange: Navigate your trades seamlessly in an environment where your wallet’s custody remains unconditionally yours. Our decentralized exchange is crafted not just to facilitate smooth trading but also to ensure that your digital assets never leave your wallet unless a trade is executed, safeguarding you against potential risks and providing a secure, trustworthy trading experience.

Staking Rewards

yieldfarming staking

Maximize Your Digital Assets Potential with Our Premier DeFi Solutions: Explore advanced features like standard and virtual token staking, time-lock facilities, and more, all designed to amplify your financial endeavors in the decentralized finance realm.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning & Genetic Algorithm for Predictions

AiOs - prediction - bitcoin price

Unlock the full potential of your predictive power with the revolutionary software that leverages genetic algorithms in artificial intelligence.

Generative AI


Unleash Creative Power with Generative AI: Navigate through innovative design and content realms, where our Generative AI crafts unique, scalable, and tailored solutions. From artful designs to nuanced content, explore infinite possibilities created by marrying artificial intelligence with unbounded creativity.

AI Self-organized Maps

Unlock Insights with AI Self-Organized Maps: Navigate through a universe of data with our artificial intelligence, utilizing self-organized maps to uncover patterns, categorize information, and streamline decision-making, propelling your strategic planning with data-driven precision and foresight.

New Solutions

Beeders Web3 SaaS Suite Launches

Beeders Web3 Suite Roadmap

Explore the forefront of digital innovation with the latest integrations in the Beeders Web3 Suite. Our Advertising Platform delivers targeted, data-driven marketing strategies, while our Web3 Payment Tools ensure streamlined, decentralized transactions. Unlock new financial potentials by leveraging our Digital Asset Tokenization, and revolutionize your online storefront with Web3 Ecommerce. Merging the decentralized web with traditional online selling practices, and offering an array of additional cutting-edge solutions, Beeders commits to blending technological evolution with practical, user-focused applications, seamlessly elevating your business into the future of Web3

Tokenize Real-World Assets with Ease from Our App


Seamlessly Navigate Web3 with Beeders Tokenization App: A Gateway to Effortless Adoption. Our platform stands as your ultimate destination, offering a straightforward pathway to create business tokens using the ERC-20 standard. Experience a space where building in Web3 requires no coding, just your innovation.

Token Builder

tokenization builder

Embark on a Tailored Token Creation Journey with Our Tokenization Builder: Craft and issue ERC20 tokens while navigating through our adept Tokenization Builder, proficiently engineered to weave custom processes exclusively designed for an array of applications including loyalty systems, intricate tracking, and diverse utilities. Our platform provides a seamless, user-friendly experience, ensuring your ventures into the world of token creation are not only successful but also innovatively leading in the decentralized finance space, propelling your projects towards new heights of utility and value in the blockchain ecosystem.

Web3 Onchain Payment Gateway

LidiaPay - Crypto Payment Network - Whitelabel

Elevate Your Transactions with Our Web3 Onchain Payment Gateway: Seamlessly navigate through financial interactions by leveraging our state-of-the-art Onchain Payments, ensuring a smooth, revolutionary blockchain-based solution, free from the constraints of traditional credit and fiat methodologies.

Beeders Web3 SaaS Suite Launches

Beeders Blockchain Process and IoT

Unlocking Seamless Integrations with Beeders Blockchain Process and IoT: Innovate and streamline your operations by leveraging the unparalleled synergy of blockchain technology and IoT, facilitating efficient processes, transparent data exchanges, and secure, decentralized connectivity in your digital transformation journey.

Beeders Blockchain IoT Ticketing System

Beeders Blockchain IoT Ticketing System

Revolutionize Your Event Management with Beeders Blockchain IoT Ticketing System: Ensure secure, verifiable, and streamlined ticketing experiences by harnessing the power of blockchain and IoT, delivering unmatched security and convenience to both organizers and attendees in a decentralized digital environment.

Blockchain Private Network

beeders blockchain

Unlock the Future of Web3 dApps with Beeders’ Blockchain Private Network

– User Engagement: Tailored network fostering involvement and education.

– Gas-Free Operations: Smooth, cost-free exploration of blockchain technology.

– Decentralized Applications: Step into the future with every interaction.

– Enhanced Learning: Enjoy enriched educational experiences in blockchain.

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Bring Your Next Web3 Project to Life Here: Elevate your ideas with our robust platform, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality in the decentralized digital realm, enhancing your innovative pursuits with our technological expertise and collaborative spirit.

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