Software Developed from A to Z:

Digital Marketing and Advertising Platform

Accounting Conciliation Portal

API for Blockchain Integration – BTC – ETH and more

App and Software for Labor Time Control

App for Bill Payment integrated with Point-of-Sale Android (Cielo and PAX)

App for Cash Money Recognition OCR integrated with Point-of-Sale Android (Cielo and PAX)

App for Credit Unions

App for Electronic Vote

App for Financial Transactions

Crypto-Exchange Exchange Software – BTC and ALTCOINS

EAI software integration

Gamification App for Sales Training

Integrated Billing Portal with Oracle EBS – Sales Order

Labor Payment and Management Portal

Machine Learning for POS Fraud Detection

Machine Learning with Speech-to-Text and NLP solutions

Machine Learning with Facial Recognition solutions

Metaverse Development

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) Portal

Multi-Blockchain Payment Platform

NFT Development: Crafting Custom Minting and Marketplaces

Operating System with Web Interface to Control Raspberry and ARM Processors

Portal and Engine of Tax Rules

Purchase Reverse Auction Software

Questions and Answers Decision Tree System

Regular Expression Software (Regex)

Reports and Graphs Portal and Engine

Software – Machine Learning – for Pattern Recognition using LCS – Learning Classifier System

Software – Neural Network – for Data Extraction OCR – Backpropagation

Software for Extracting Information Set in Various Formats and Data Sources

Software for Integration with Brazilian GNRE format

Software for Labor and Social Security Audit

Software for the treatment of Brazilian XML-DANFE

Taxonomy Content Portal

Tokenization Platform – Blockchain

Trader Bots

Validation WebServices of Brazilian NFe at SEFAZ

Web Workflow and App for various process automation

WebServices Integration with Senior Systems

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