Blockchain and Cryptos

Blockchain and Cryptos


Do not miss out on this new technology that, since its inception in 2008, has been taking prominence in the media and day-by-day business. It is the basis for the first global use cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.


Beeders Blockchain Framework


Point-to-point network: The same technology used in Napster or Torrents – but in this case focusing on electronic money transfer, allowing online payments to be made from one part to another without the intermediation of a financial institution or controlling government;

No Central Authority: There should be no third party or regulator to prevent the double-spending problem, since the point-to-point solution must be self-sufficient;

Proof-of-Work: Creation of a concept called proof-of-work that receives a hash – a unique cryptographically calculated identification, using network timestamp forming a record that practically makes the
alteration or tampering of transactions, since they would have to be fully recalculated retroactively in all replicates, generating a huge computational effort;

Consensus among the Majority:
The greatest chain of transactions practically indicates which block of transactions was agreed upon by most of the network participants;

Synchronization: Any participant who temporarily disconnects from the network, once it returns, is automatically required to accept the largest threaded block of transactions. This makes the structure as small as possible for continuity of processing
of transactions.

APIs for Decentralized Applications

We develop API’s and Webservices for applications and software that need integration with Blockchain, such as: identities, certificates, properties, authorities, audits, licensing, compliance and security, content management, content management, media and data integrity , decentralized social networks, voting, Internet of Things (IoT), supply chain, traceability and others.

The money is digital

Integration with the various existing cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar etc. Each cryptocurrencie has a purpose, its strengths and weaknesses. We are ready for you to evaluate what is best for your business.

Ethereum, in addition to being a cryptocurrency, this platform has the resources to build decentralized applications such as smart contracts – rich business applications using the Blockchain technology as a network and security protocol to establish a common integration between the parties.

Tokenization – the digitization of assets using cryptocurrency technology

The tokenization of an asset is a digital contract issued using blockchain technology linked to legal terms that represent a real asset. Therefore, the token holder owns how much that token represents of the total asset.

Beeders can accelerate your asset tokenization project. Ask us how.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the movement that uses decentralized networks to transform old financial products into reliable and transparent protocols, which are executed without intermediaries.

Beeders can accelerate its DeFi project. Ask us how.

For more information visit our DeFi White Label Products

Distributed Ledger Technologies

Hyperledger, for example, is a consortium organized by the Linux Foundation with companies such as IBM, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Intel and more than 80 others to build a standard framework for enterprise applications focused on Blockchain. Other DLTs that are moving in the same direction are the Corda and Quorum.

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