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  • DeFi dApps
  • Sports Booking
  • Automated Bots
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Play to Earn Games
  • Liquidity Provider Tools
  • API - Blockchain Services
  • Crypto Payment Gateway
  • Deflationary Token Services
  • Centralized Exchange - CEX
  • Ultra Wallet - Multisig - Vault
  • Digital Asset - Token - Crypto
  • DeFi - Yield Farming - Staking
  • Decentralized Exchange - DEX
  • AI and Neural Networks Features
  • Metaverse + 3D + Augment Reality
  • Tokenization - Smart Contract - STO - NFT
  • and more...

The platforms are provided as:
A) Whitelabel: SaaS
B) Turnkey: on Premises


xoom home
xoom dapp

We are innovate again launching this Staking Protocol

Core Staking Protocol Multichain – Features Included:

  • Multidimensional Pools
  • Timelock
  • Deflationary
  • Anti-Whale
  • Virtual Pools
  • Sports Staking
  • Bond
  • Score
  • Gamified Requirements
  • DAO
  • Enhanced UX for user mass adoption
  • Multichain – BNB Chain – Polygon – AVAX – Ethereum and more
  • Administrator add-on parameters


Crypto Sports Betting Football
Football Sports Betting

Our software skills applied to innovative Crypto Sports Booking Application

Sports Booking – Football or any Sports – Win-to-Win – Play to Earn – Crypto – Features Included:

  • Booking Game rules
  • Sports results automated
  • Multichain – BNB Chain – Polygon – Ethereum and more
  • Administrator add-on parameters


play to earn grapenopoly
Metaverse Grapenopoly

The best play to earn games development for your GameFi business

NFT Games – Metaverse + GameFi + NFT + Play to Earn – Passive Income Features Included:

  • Game rules on top of passive income and GameFi scope
  • Multichain
  • NFT collection built-in
  • Administrator add-on parameters


gamified prizes

NFT markeplace with auction features and gamified prizes

NFT for Sellers and Buyers – P2P – Gamified Rewards and Prizes Features Included:

  • NFT mint built-in
  • Multichain
  • Auction features
  • Administrator add-on parameters


yieldfarming staking

Make your own DeFi profit business model with our offer world class technology.

Yield Farming – Staking – Swap and Liquidity Pool Provider Features Included:

  • Yield Farming Setup
      • Cross-chain integrated Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain options.
      • Brand, logo and colors changes.
  • Swap Look and Feel (UI and UX)
    • Changes included: Domain/subdomain, name, logo and colors
  • Binance Smart Chain Blockchain
  • Airdrop Toolkit included
  • Create your own Token BSC smart contract
  • Create your own Liquidity Pool provider for automated marketing making
  • Only crypto to crypto swap/exchange
    • Crypto asset listing based on Pancackeswap / Binance Smart Chain list
  • Administrator add-on parameters.
      • Staking admin fee
  • It does not allow FIAT, only crypto / crypto exchange


beeders decentralized exchange

Decentralized Exchange with no risk for user custody wallets.

DEX PRO + Swap + Pool + Decentralized Exchange SaaS White Label Features Included:

  • Decentralized Exchange – Non custodial wallets, risk-free, innovative technology.
  • Web based access for users.
  • Metamask integration.
  • Admin access – setup admin wallets, admin fees and lot of setting.
  • Supported your Own ERC Tokens.
  • Cryptos supportedUnlimited ETH Tokens ERC20.
  • ETH SWAP and Pool Integrated.
  • No FIAT supported, only crypto to crypto swap and trading.


decentralized wallet

Decentralized Wallet with no risk for user custody wallets.

Ultra Wallet | DEX Features Included:

  • DEX – Decentralized Exchange order book model.
    • Tokens Ethereum ERC20 | 721 | 1155 – Fungible, Non Fungible (NFT) or any type of smart contract.
    • Unlimited CRYPTO/CRYPTO pair to trade.
  • General Features
    • dApp Wallet Embedded – Crypto and Tokens Secure Wallet – mix dApp and App technology using PWA (Progressive Web Application – for any W3C Browsers) or published in your Google Play and Apple Store accounts.
    • CryptoPayments Built-in – QRCode to receive and pay.


beeders centralized exchange

Tokenization White Label Platform

Tokenization White label SaaS Features Included:

  • Tokenization Features:
    • Admin Panel
    • KYC and AML Third Party Integration
    • Admin Spreads and Fees
    • Core Accounting System
    • Token Issuing System
    • Transactions and Reports
    • Matching Engine Order Book
    • UI/UX Branding White Label
    • Hot and Cold Wallet Management
    • Multi-language and Multi-currency
  • Token Accelerators:
    • Real Estate
    • Fan Tokens
    • NFTs
    • Intangible Assets: Licences, Patents, Intellectual Property, Royalties, Copyrights, Trademarks, Rights in general… 
  • Hot Wallets Custody can be hosted on your cloud servers – the best option* (this option you can choose after initial setup).
  • Cryptos supported for FIAT/CRYPTO and CRYPTO/CRYPTO pairs: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, ETC, DASH, USDT and ERC20 (your own token). We are working to add support to Tons of cryptocurrencies.
  • FIAT supported: Any fiduciary money are supported to include and make pair with cryptocurrencies in our platform.

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