Beeders Blockchain Framework

Unleash the Power of Blockchain with the Beeders Blockchain Framework

Embrace the future of technology with Beeders Blockchain Framework – a comprehensive assembly of processes, methods, and tools, delivered through a set of APIs licensed by Beeders. Seamlessly tap into the transformative power of blockchain technology in a swift and secure manner, perfectly interlinked with Beeders Web3 SaaS to ignite excitement in every new customer.

Industry Cases and Connectors: Blockchain, an evolutionary leap from decades of Internet use, has limitless potential. From registering the birth of a child to facilitating multilateral agreements between countries, the scope of blockchain applications is boundless. This technology is not just a medium for wealth generation through cryptocurrencies, but it’s also a catalyst in reducing bureaucracy, cutting costs, and eliminating waste through its distributed, reliable, and immutable nature.

Smart Contracts: Utilize the power of smart contracts to promote transparency and independence. These decentralized and distributed applications can convert real-world needs into digital transformations, making them viable solutions for the modern world.

Secure Identity: Implement secure identity in your applications with Beeders software components, allowing users and service partners to trust your platform. Choose between public or permissioned Blockchain as per your needs.

Decentralized Transactions: Conduct transactions in a decentralized, secure, and economically viable manner. Harness the freedom to make unmediated transactions and set your business apart.

Tokens & Cryptocurrencies: Create, distribute, exchange, or swap monetary amounts through exchanges, payments, or electronic wallets. Instantly immerse in this new financial paradigm with tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Beeders Application Accelerators: Speed up the delivery of blockchain applications with our accelerators. Streamline services such as financial services, payment methods, loyalty programs, e-commerce, auctions, accounting services, fiscal integration, payroll, recruitment and selection, supply chain, transportation, logistics, and more.

Beeders API Services:

API – Integrate with almost any blockchain transaction functions with any cryptocurrency.

Create and distribute Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens, WebSites, and Apps Front-End to register users and sell tokens via Fiat transfers, credit card, or any cryptocurrency.

Exchange features for buying, selling, and trading business models akin to Binance, GDAX, Poloniex, etc.

AI bots analyzing and suggesting optimal transaction times to optimize miner fees.

Beeders OS Blockchain Serverless: An independent blockchain layer that is transparent to its applications. Provision it by scaling your infrastructure or keep it server-independent, meaning your application controls the provisioning required at that moment.

Beeders Tech: Practical examples of our Framework’s use, architecture, APIs, and other crypto universe tools include Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, Stablecoins, Consensus mechanisms, Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledger, Hashgraph, Counterparty, and more.

The Beeders Blockchain Framework supports multiple programming languages including Node JS, C/C++, Java, C#, Python, and cURL.

Take the first step in incorporating Blockchain technology into your applications today. Get in touch and learn more about our integration framework. Accept Cryptos and Tokens Payments, work with Smart Contracts, and trade and hold Cryptocurrencies with Beeders Blockchain Framework, interlinked seamlessly with Beeders Web3 SaaS.

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