Cryptocurrency Software for Exchange, Trade, Wallet and Payments



API – Interface with almost transactions functions on Blockchain with any cryptocurrency ready to be integrated with any system.

Custom Software

Create and Distribute Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens, WebSites and Apps Front-End to register users and sells Tokens by Fiat transfers, credit card or any cryptocurrency.


AI bots analysing and suggesting the best moment to send a transaction to optimize the miner fee.

Exchange for buy, sell orders and trade business models like as: Binance, GDAX, FoxBit etc

Main Components

. Home
. User Register and Login
. Admin Panel


. Credits: Transfer, Credit Cards, Payment Gateways
. Cryptocurrencies Trading

Financial Trade

. Any cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, BitcoinCash and others


. Strong Passwords
. KYC (Know Your Customer)
. E-mail Confirmation
. Multiple Factor Authentication (2FA)
. Cold and Hot Wallets Management

Buy and Sell Orders

. Orders Book (Partial/Total)
. Stop Loss
. Take Profit
. Indicators over Chart
. Orders View


Web / App

. The powerful architecture to delivery the front-end to Web and App (Android and iOS)

I18n (Internationalization) e L10n (Localization)

. Multi-currency
. Multi-language

Easy to Grow

. You can maintenance with in house development team or outsourcing with the Beeders Software Factory

Support and SLA

. Licensing provide upscale support and several updates: HotFixes, Security Fixes and Improvements

Artificial Intelligence* e Big Data*

. Mining Fee Optimization
. Trading Bot Support
. Arbitrage Crypto Trader Support
. Data Science
. *Custom Developments

State of the art technology


. More than 1,000 TPS
. Increased supported by infrastructure without architecture change


. ONLINE (Hot Wallets) and OFFLINE (Cold Wallets) segregated networks

API Integrations

. ATM, Payment Systems, Online Store, Wallets and more


. AWS (PaaS) and Google Cloud API’s Serverless
. Supports your own infrastructure (* under our recommendations)

Languages and Databases

. C/C++, NodeJS, REST/API, Javascript, PugJS, HTML5, MongoDB, MS SQL, Cordova and more.

Beeders Security System

. IDS – Intrusion Detection System multilayer.
. KEYS – Management of public and private keys.
. LOCKS – Automatic locking system.
. LIMITS – Limit lock system.
. CERTS – Digital certificate service between nodes.
. PENTEST – Penetration test.

New Crypcurrencies, Standards and Regulations

Support the cryptocurrencies below

1) Bitcoin – BTC
2) Litecoin – LTC
3) Ripple – XRP
4) Ethereum – ETH
5) Ethereum Classic – ETC
6) Dash – DASH
7) Tether – USDT


. We implement the best practices and standards of the financial market and cryptocurrencies


. We meet the SEC’s (Securities and Exchange Commission) most important requirements for the launch and management of a Security Token Offering (STO).
. We meet the ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) requirements.


. We support DEX (Decentralized Exchange) – that do NOT custody its cryptocurrencies clients, mitigating risks of handling and security.

We want to help you integrate your applications with Blockchain.


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