Smart Contract Audit

Beeders Approach

  • Compiler and versions
  • Risks
  • Visibility
  • Centralization
  • Third party dependencies
  • Reentrancy vulnerabilities
  • Modifiers
  • Inheritance
  • Compatibility
  • Storage
  • Pre-declaration instructions
  • Uninitialized element
  • Constant
  • Function statement
  • Constructor function
  • Sensitive Function (withdraw, deposit, selfdestruct, suicide, etc)
  • Transfer statement
  • Array Assignment
  • Loop and call inside a loop
  • Delegatecall
  • ERC721 and/or ERC20 interface
  • Tautology or contradiction
  • Misuse of math
  • Low-level calls
  • Symbol/Variable shadowing
  • Missing events
  • Dangerous unary expressions
  • Deprecated standards
  • Dead-code

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