DeFi – Decentralized Finance – White Label

Decentralizing finances with DeFi Beeders

DeFi is the newest and most advanced applied concept of Blockchain technology to make the financial market truly balanced, useful and competitive globally.

Imagine a global, open alternative to every financial service you use today, accessible whith litter more than a smartphone, internet e open apps.

Decentralizing finance is the biggest step the technology world has been looking for since the advent of Blockchain technology.

As an entrepreneur and DeFi white label business owner, you can offer this product to open users’ markets and niches, and fast grow the crypto market adoption.

A new balanced world is only possible when we distribute the contribution of several minds in favor of a transparent and financially healthy society. And that is the main result that a Blockchain network like Ethereum can bring with DeFi.

We @Beeders are always attuned to the best of technology and software to offer the best developments and contribute to this ecosystem.

Beeders continuously develop white label platforms for decentralized financial market using blockchain and emerging technologies.

We offer some products to fit your requirements:

1 – Exchanges – CEX – Centralized Exchange and DEX – Decentralized Exchange

2 – Wallets – Hybrid Crypto and Fiat Secure and Multi-Platform Wallet

3 – Tokenization – For All Types of Assets – Fungible and Non-Fungible (NFTs) – STO and ICO

4 – Payments – Crypto Payment Gateway for P2P, Business, Merchants and E-Commerce

5 – Liquidity Pool – Centralized and Decentralized types of LP and AMMs like Uniswap, Binance Smart Chain and CEX APIs.

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