Tokenization of Assets White Label

We are a complete software platform for creating, issuance and managing Digital Asset Tokens for your business.

Link of Digital Asset Tokenization White Label Full Specification

real estate tokenization
real estate tokenization

What are the questions answered by our tokenization of assets white label?

  • Fully auditable.
  • It solves any type of process and business that needs tokenization of assets.
  • It meets several requirements and at the same time adapts quickly to new requirements.
  • The best cost vs benefit in the market.

Within our platform you will find a flexible environment to implement your processes to meet your business model.

Why is our asset tokenization platform the best on the market?

  • Fully modular and evolutionary.
  • Widely used around the world in several cases of tokenization.
  • Integrates with any Blockchain due to our business-oriented architecture.
  • We are fully compliant with AML best practices and information security.
  • Protection of your business model as we do not disclose customer projects to avoid copy cat and invasions.

Some possibilities in tokenization of assets:

  • Digital or Physical Assets Tokenization.
  • Secured or Utility Tokens.
  • Centralized or Decentralized.
  • Accelerators: Real Estate, Fan Tokens, NFTs, Intangible Assets, Licences, Patents, Intellectual Property, Royalties, Copyrights, Trademarks, Rights in general and more…

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